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Jumper Derby Cross, November 3, 2018, 10am-3pm

Take a video  tour of the beautiful terrain and sampling of jumps. 

We have a Jumper  Derby Cross coming up on November 3, from 10am to 3pm. Classes will be pre-elementary, elementary, advanced elementary, beginner novice, novice, and training. See below for details, rules and fees.

NOTE: The course will remain flagged and course maps available to school course on November 4th. Registration separate from show registration.

A Jumper Derby Cross is a combination of natural stadium jumps and cross country jumps, and takes place in large fields with varying terrain. It’s a great way to practice different jumps, settle nerves, acquire new skills and have a great time in the process.

Each Jumper Derby Cross will feature elementary, advanced elementary, beginner novice, and novice classes.

  • The pre-elementary will help introduce the rider to the concept of large open spaces but all derby jumps will be cross rails. The cross rails will be placed in the fields in inviting, positive locations. The cross country jumps will be primarily logs. The maximum height for pre-elementary will be 18 inches.
  • The elementary cross will be a max height of 2’. The derby jumps will also be verticals with inviting lines, the cross country fences may consist of multiple logs and other additional challenges.
  • The advanced elementary max height will be 2’3”, the derby fences will contain some verticals and may contain small brush , while the cross country fences may be logs, small coup, even a small step up.
  • The beginner novice will be 2’ 7” max height. The derby fences will contain brush fillers, may contain small gates, roll tops, while the cross country may have a small bank, small bench, coup, or other suitable elements.
  • The novice max height will be 2’11”. The derby fences will have gates, hay bales, brush fillers, as some examples. The cross country fences will be varied and may include a sleigh, aqueducts, benches, small tables, or other suitable jumps.

All crosses will be set up to encourage a positive forward learning experience and add elements throughout the classes to reward the fun progress the horse and riders will be making.

We look forward to a fun, fun, fun summer!

Dates and Entry Fees

Ribbons and prizes awarded per class.

  • Pre-entry fee is $45.00 per class
  • Additional fee of $10.00 after post-entry added to judged class
  • All participants can add additional rounds for the price of $15.00 after they have completed their scored round. These additional rounds are great to reinforce the round you have completed or, if having been successful, try the next level.
  • Refreshments will be available and water is available for horses. No dogs please.

Jumper Derby Cross Rules

  • Riders will be able to enter ANY division and be eligible for ribbons. We want everyone to know this, because some riders will warm-up in a division and continue competing up through the divisions. You can ride in a division more than once but only your first ride is eligible for ribbons.
  • Faults per round are as follows: rail down 4 faults, first refusal 20 points, second refusal 20 points, third refusal elimination.
  • In the event of a tie, will we have a timed round of 3 to 4 fences. Rail down or refusal means elimination. Whoever finishes clean in the fastest time is the winner.
  • Course walks are prior to each division. Riders can walk their division during any course walk time. Warm up is in our indoor ring.
  • No dogs please.

Weather Cancellation

  • The derby will be cancelled only for severe inclement weather, such as thunderstorms.

Entry Forms

Fill out the entry form in either format. Email to Tricia at tricia@equinediscoverycenter.com or text a photo of the completed form to 603-548-1752.

Jumper Derby Cross Entry Form MS Word

Jumper Derby Cross Entry Form PDF

Release Forms

If you are participating in cross-country, clinics or other related activities, you can download release forms in either Word or PDF format here. Fill out the appropriate form (adult or minor) and email or text to Tricia (see above) along with a photo of your horse’s Coggins.

EDC Release Forms MS Word

EDC Release Forms PDF

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