Family Programs

Have a horse crazy youngster at home?  Looking for something unique, active and educational for the whole family to do?

Join us at the Equine Discovery Center for a half day of learning and exploring. Life at the EDC is strenuous, hectic and rewarding but horses are majestic, awe inspiring, and intelligent animals – and they make it worth the effort.  You’ll learn about our day-to-day activities and everything that’s involved in caring for these magnificent animals and their surroundings. You’ll find out about the variety of equipment, such as saddles and bridles, and learn about all aspects of horse care and maintenance.

The EDC welcomes children’s groups and clubs, and we’ll arrange a special horse-related day for kids that will leave them talking about it for weeks. They’ll learn the basics about horses and their care, meet a variety of barn residents, and even do a craft or two!

Give us a call or text us at 603-548-1752 for detailed information about arranging a visit.