Riding is a lifelong recreational activity that helps you maintain balance, strength and flexibility.  Whether you are an experienced rider looking to sharpen your skills, an adult who has always wanted to ride, or you have a child who is horse crazy, we have a lesson program to suit your needs.

Are you a beginner? The EDC specializes in introducing the uninitiated into the world of horses and riding. We know it can be difficult to take those first few steps into a new hobby or sport, especially one that involves large animals!

Private Lessons

Private lessons allow you to work with your instructor in a focused, personal manner to attain short- and long-term goals.

  • $50 per hour

Group Lessons

Group riding is an affordable and fun way to build your skills in a low pressure, friendly environment.  At the EDC, our group participants are very supportive of each other and laugh (a lot) on their way to becoming better riders.

  • $35 per hour

Leasing Fees

If you are not ready to own a horse, but would like to ride more often, the EDC has full and half leases available on horses that are suitable for riders of varied experience.

  • $600 for full lease, as well as shoeing costs and any veterinary fees associated with going off-property such as Coggins
  • $275 for half lease, as well as half of the shoeing costs and any veterinary fees associated with going off-property such as Coggins

Release Forms

For further information on lessons, contact Tricia Bridgeo at tricia@equinediscoverycenter.com or 603-548-1752.

If you are participating in cross-country, lessons, clinics or other related activities, you can download release forms in either Word or PDF format here. Fill out the appropriate form (adult or minor) and email to Tricia (see above) along with a photo of your horse’s Coggins (if your horse is being brought onsite).

EDC Release Forms MS Word

EDC Release Forms PDF