Enrichment Programs

Delivered at our Raymond, NH farm or at your location via our mobile unit, our Equine Discovery Center enrichment programs are comprised of flexible modules that encourage exploration and learning. Modules are designed so that they can be presented to mixed-ability groups and every child will make new discoveries at their own level. The modules use familiar situations to form links between what the students already know and the information presented in each EDC learning adventure. Every child finds the adventures rewarding because they are challenged at a level they can manage.

The Equine Discovery Center is physically located in Raymond, NH – a great location for a field trip!  The natural habitat at EDC’s 75-acre facility houses a wildlife and botanical bonanza. Students navigate the property with the help of guides, human and horse, exploring and learning in the outside world.

A photo of a visit to the YMCA camp

Children doing crafts


Children exploring natural objects

Stoneham Library 1