Arenas and Trails


Boarders and visitors alike thoroughly enjoy our indoor and outdoor arenas. The 80’ x 150’ indoor ring features a heated viewing room, collapsible sides for ventilation, and a state of the art video and music system. Perfect for riding all year round.

Our 100’ x 220’ outdoor arena provides plenty of space to school over jumps and a lovely seating area for spectators. And you can do it all with a lovely view of woods and wetlands.

The EDC welcomes outside trainers to utilize our facilities for their training and schooling needs in a lovely low-key environment. Call or text Tricia at (603) 548-1752 for details.

Picture of our outdoor arena with jumps set up



The EDC is situated on over 75 acres – you can ride over 2 miles without even leaving the property!  Our trails provide an excellent way to condition your horse – or just spend quality time as you enjoy the scenery.  And, there are usually fellow riders around who will be glad to hit the trails with you.

Once you feel comfortable with trail riding onsite, simply cross the road and head down “Rails to Trails” or take a short trailer ride to one of the nearby state parks.