EDC’s Stadium Jumping – Join in the Fun!

View of outdoor arena through wildflowers

In June, we had a wonderful evening bringing together riders and trainers at the EDC to try out our new summer-themed jumps in our outdoor arena. Afterwards, we had a well-deserved cook-out and enjoyed the warm weather and great company.

At the EDC, we encourage outside trainers who are looking for a welcoming, low-key environment to use our facilities to school their riders. In addition to our outdoor and indoor arenas, we also feature a truly terrific cross-country course, which is receiving very nice reviews from area trainers.

Take a look at how we spent our summer evening and, remember, you can join in the fun, too! Just call, text or email Tricia at (603) 548-1752 / tricia@equinediscoverycenter.com to book your time at our stadium jumping or cross-country course.

EDC Stadium Jumping 1

EDC Stadium Jumping 2

EDC Stadium Jumping 3

EDC Stadium Jumping 4

EDC Stadium Jumping 5

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