Two March Clinics: Jumping and Dressage

We have two clinics coming up in March to get you ready to begin the Spring season. Be sure to sign up soon!

Jumping Clinic, March 12th
Register by March 10th  Jumping_Clinic_Form

Beginner Jumper, 10:00 am: This portion of the clinic is beneficial for the person new to jumping as well as the recreational rider who may encounter obstacles on the trails, such as small logs. The instruction is designed to help the rider understand the foundation to becoming an excellent jumper. We’ll cover exercises that build upon each other to add increasing challenges and provide clear information on fundamentals such as strides, seat position and jump placement.

Advanced Beginner, 12:00 pm: This session adds more complex jump Q&A and requires some canter work. We’ll focus on enhancing problem solving skills that will help make immediate and imperceptible transitions possible. These skills are beneficial to both the hunter and jumper, making the jumps faster and smoother.

Novice, 2:00 pm: Designed for the rider who is confidant in their abilities to transition from a trot jump to a canter jump, knows their horse’s natural stride and can adjust the horse by lengthening their horse or compressing their horse. This is a great session to refresh your skills and possibly get ready for the next level.

Challenging, 4:00 pm: For this session, both horse and rider should have been riding throughout the winter. Typical questions answered will include why your horse is “chipping” at fences, how to maintain impulsion before and after a jump, and how to develop better timing and finesse.

All sessions will be given a handout that shows the jump course and gives information to be able to bring the lesson home to be practiced.

Dressage Clinic, March 27th
Register by March 23rd – Ride_Review_Clinic_Form
Rides start at 9:00 am. All participants will send the request for the test or tests they wish to ride along with the entry fees.

Ride Review Ride is the perfect opportunity to get ready for the upcoming show season. The feedback from the judge will help highlight areas that need strengthening and help focus training efforts with you and your trainer.

Riders that are considering showing or those who have no interest in formal showing yet but want to gauge their progress will love this clinic as well.

Judging the tests will be Judy Mason.
Judy Mason started her career in Europe, where she competed successfully on her talented jumper, Shamar, in Holland, France, Britain and Belgium for 6 years in Open Jumping competition. She has the BHS (Britian) and the SECB (Belgium).
In the US, she ran, taught and trained at the Equine Boarding & Competition Barn at the Mount Vernon homestead, Washington D.C.

Eventing became her area of competition as she moved to the Northeast while designing and implementing the Equine Studies Program at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. She established her own business in Rhode Island and ran her 35-horse, event barn, Tower Hill Farm, for 18 years. During this time she pursued a successful dressage career. She competed to and trained several horses to Grand Prix.

Of note: Welkin 1st place 3rd level North East Division Year End; Capriola 1st nationwide at Fourth Level in the Year End All Breeds Division; Apollinaris 1st place Year End North East Division at Intermediare II; Timothy Tuppence at Intermediare I. Most of her students and horses in training have successfully competed above Third Level.

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