Highnote Festival: A fun event for a good cause

Tricia was going through photographs the other day from the 2010 Highnote Festival in Epping, NH. This fantastic event is run by the McPhee family as a fundraiser to benefit the Adam McPhee Memorial Foundation, which provides donations to programs and organizations that help those with special needs. 

This year’s festival  is on September 10th, although the info is not yet up on their website. The amount of activities is just incredible, featuring hot air balloons, live music, hay rides, crafts and puppet shows for the kids — it goes on and on.

One of the highlights of the event is that it’s on the circuit for the  World Championship Blacksmith Competition, featuring top blacksmiths from all over the world. In the past, Amir Stable has provided horses for the competing blacksmiths to shoe, so we know first hand what an awesome part of Highnote this is.

So mark your calendars early and don’t miss this terrific festival and fundraiser — here are some photos from last year to whet your appetite.

(All photos taken by Stanley Boduch)

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